Policies & Rules

At a general meeting (18/6/14 ) the matter of providing advice and car parts to people making enquiries from various members was discussed. Our club members have many years of collective knowledge and expertise and love to assist others. However members decided that in the spirit of fairness to everyone, that when approached in future, members could give help on a one off basis and then would encourage anyone still requiring assistance to join our club where ongoing assistance (if necessary) could then be willingly provided. That is just one of the good reasons for being a club member - the support and encouragement that is so freely given to one another.  In addition to that, the collection of parts our club has accumulated over the years, will be available to club members only.

The motion regarding assistance:


'Non-members be assisted with inquiries on one occasion and that no further assistance be given unless the person joins the club and further that parts or parts information be supplied to members only.'