Norman Pain's Historic Car Photos

These photos have been sent to HOCA by former member Norman Pain.  The photos were taken by his late father Marc Pain during the years that he was a member.  Marc and his wife Bette, attended many HOCA events including two national rallies.  Marc owned a 1962 ADL white with red flash (#013) and a mid green HE Hillman Hunter.   Norman owned both of these same cars in later years. The ADL was transferred to Norman when his dad bought the Hunter and later on they swapped over and Norman owned the Hunter. The ADL was then sold. Also, this ADL was one of a twin that was restored at the same time by their previous owners.   The photos provide a very interesting history of our club, of past members and their cars.  The club is very grateful to Norman for donating the photos to the club.  If anyone has any further information about any of the photographs please let the webmaster know.