All British Day - 27 August 2017

The early morning sun shone brightly but the wind was cold as 11 of our beautiful Hillmans headed for the Kings School Parramatta for the annual All British Day.
Our fine selection of cars was headed by John and Carol’s 1935 Minx ‘Greenbottle’, pride of the fleet. David Easton joined us for the first time and drove the Hunter down from the Mountains for its’ longest run yet since restoration. David was joined by 3 more Hunters driven by Kim and Sue, Walter and Lois.  Gary drove the immaculate Californian and Arthur the prize-winning Gazelle. Minxes were well represented by Geordie and Colin with Bruce and Hazel driving the ever-faithful convertible. Geoff’s Imp made up the final collection and the cars all looked great.
We actually had Channel 7 coverage in the evening news, as the chopper hovered above our
cars with a close-up view and Hillmans were mentioned in the commentary.
There were the usual huge crowds during the day with some traffic issues during the afternoon. The weather was turning a little ugly to the south and owners were becoming anxious to exit the display, and head for home, which was not helping the traffic congestion.
Thanks to all club members for making our display a success and special thanks to Colin Ringrose for representing the Hillman Owners Club as an official during the day.   Much appreciated.

Thanks to Geoff Green for the report and to Walter Anker for the photographs